School of Dentistry, KMITL

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), International Program

6 Strengths of KMITL’s School of Dentistry

Program structure

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

6 years: Semester system (20-22 weeks/semester)   Total credits: 230 credits

Curriculum structure

1. General subjects: 30 credits

  • Personal and professional skills: Design thinking and innovation, Integrated Thinking, The disruptor
  • Management and leadership skills: Innovative entrepreneur, Innovation unboxed
  • Language and communication skills: Scientific paper writing, English for health profession
    And more………………

1. Specific subjects: 194 credits

  • Biomedical science subjects: 48
  • Preclinical and clinical subjects: 105
  • Clinical practice: 41

2. Electives: 6 credits

First-year students begin with introductory courses in the basic biomedical sciences, biostatistics, technologies, dental anatomy and professionalism. During the course of their study, they will develop critical thinking, collaborative and independent learning skills.

Second-year students will acquire an understanding of the mechanisms involved in health and disease of the body and be introduced to research methodology, preclinical skills, dental laws and forensics.

Third-year students will gain an understanding of the mechanisms involved in health and disease of the oral cavity and continue to develop clinical skills and their dental knowledge base. Students also start research and innovation projects during this year.

The fourth year begins the clinical phase of the curriculum, which will continue throughout the fifth and sixth years and centers around the comprehensive care approach. Students will expand their knowledge of the dental specialties, strengthen their comprehensive clinical and communication skills in treating patients in the clinic, and apply biomedical science concepts to advance their research/innovation projects. Fourth-year students also prepare to take the basic medical and dental sciences examination that constitutes Part 1 of the National Dental License Examination.

Fifth-year students will attain proficiency in all aspects of comprehensive dental care in the clinic, as well as the ability to treat patients with simple and complex needs. They will be able to harness evidence-based knowledge to effectively discuss and present interesting cases.

The final year builds on the comprehensive care curriculum begun in the fourth year. Students will provide advanced comprehensive care, demonstrate proficiency in successfully completing both simple and complex treatment plans, and gain experience in public health. Sixth-year students also prepare to take the clinical sciences examination that constitutes Part 2 of the National Dental License Examination.

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